***Please note: At this time I am only accepting new clients for group therapy. My spots for individual and couples’ therapy are currently full.***

Individual Therapy

The safety and intimacy that are a part of individual therapy provide an excellent atmosphere for self-exploration and support during difficult times. If you are experiencing overwhelming symptoms of anxiety or depression or struggling to hold on to a sense of self in intimate relationships, one-on-one therapy is an excellent option. It can also be a great way to obtain support if your life is going generally well but you’re having trouble navigating a particular transition or relationship. I work with adults in individual therapy, and I usually recommend at least weekly sessions, especially at the beginning.

Couples Therapy

At their best, partner relationships provide us feelings of security, joy, and deep fulfillment. But there can be barriers from both inside and outside of the relationship that complicate our pursuit of those rewards. Trying to work around these barriers often gets us stuck in destructive patterns that leave us feeling hurt, isolated, or misunderstood. Therapy can help couples to transcend these patterns by giving partners insight into how the patterns are created, and by providing a safe space in which to explore new strategies for realizing the benefits of a thriving relationship.


As engaged clinicians who regard the therapy relationship itself as the main tool for healing and growth, we need the support of secure professional relationships behind us throughout our careers. I offer one-on-one and group consultation aimed at fostering therapists’ professional growth and wellness. This work helps therapists to contain, metabolize and make sense of all that the clinical work evokes and to manage the intersection of that work with the maintenance of a thriving psychotherapy practice.


Group Therapy

Group therapy is a uniquely effective venue for exploring ourselves in relationships. It provides the opportunity for members to better understand their emotional responses in relationships with others, to obtain feedback from multiple perspectives, and to feel less alone with their particular struggles. I am a Certified Group Psychotherapist, and I offer weekly open-ended mixed-gender therapy groups. 

Clinical Supervision

I provide group and individual clinical social work supervision as a vital and valued part of my practice. Being a supervisor for social workers seeking their advanced licensure gives me the opportunity to contribute to the high level of ethical, professional, and clinically-skilled practice of our profession. I love being a part of helping other social workers find ever-increasing satisfaction in their work. I use a relational supervision model informed by a psychoanalytic perspective, attachment theory, and general social work principles.